A brave mother, who fights against cancer with optimism and spirituality. Winner of Special Prize “City of Annecy Award”.

I work in a few scenes of this short, but involve in all the process creation with the team at LaFinka studio. 
It was a beatiful project to do! 

Credits Written and Directed by: Andres Gomez Isaza Mauricio Leiva Cock 
Producers: Andres Gomez Isaza Mauricio Leiva Cock Bjorn Hering 
Coproducers: ​David Figueroa Garcia Mauro Mueller 
Executive Producer: Mark Raso 
Animation by: LaFinka​ Animation 
Director: Andres Gomez Isaza Storyboards and 
Compositing: Andres Gomez Isaza Alejandra Arboleda Tilano 
Additional Animation: Ivanof Martinez Eri Pedrozo 

Music by: Jorge Leiva - Miss Colombia Sound Design and 
Post-production: Manuel Castaño

Thanks for watching!

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